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Transport Infrastructure Agreements


The figure below illustrates the relationship between the operational components of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure, the actors involved and the agreements required.



The PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIA) include three types of agreements and six annexes, a sample of which is available for download here:
  • PEPPOL Authority Agreement
  • PEPPOL Access Point (AP) Provider Agreement
  • PEPPOL Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) Provider Agreement
  • Annex 1: Contact-points
  • Annex 2: Definitions
  • Annex 3: Services
  • Annex 4: Technical-Standards
  • Annex 5: Regional-Domain
  • Annex 6: Change-Procedure
For information about  how to obtain the appropriate set of agreements (depending on the PEPPOL Authority you choose to sign with) please see the TIA section of our technical resources page here

The regime of agreements and the governance structure ensure that:
  • the role and responsibilities of each actor are clearly described and openly available, making PEPPOL an open and transparent community;
  • sufficient information is made available through the SML/SMP, allowing a Participant to make this its sole source of information for conducting eProcurement with its trading partners.
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